7 Things You Need To Know When Starting An Online Store

7 Things You Need To Know When Starting An Online Store

Everyone’s dream is to make money while sleeping and an online store can help you do that. Your dream can come true if you're smart about it. Here are seven things I did to improve The BACo Store.

Have a product that you can continue to produce.

Your job is to fulfill the needs of your customer. How can you do that if you don’t have any merchandise? Scaling your company wrong is a big problem. It could result in critical matters like bankruptcy and lawsuits. Always have enough merchandise that can supply your target reach.

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Invest in a good web host. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself!

Choose your web host wisely. Don't use a manager that limits your store to ten item when you plant to grow. The same thing goes for larger hosts if you don't plan to increase, use a smaller host. When I first started, I gave money to a host that restrained the company's growth. I decided to invest in a web-host that was simple plus kept my store running. My partners’ site needed to be compatible. If they weren't, it would have been hard to import products and dropship. I also wanted a web-host that offered opportunities and allowed my business to grow. Lastly, I needed to work with someone who had outstanding customer service. I don't have the tolerance for poor customer service. Seriously, who does?

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Invest in reliable partners.

The idea of not having to do anything but set up and collect money is the life everyone needs to live but don’t get excited. If you’re not smart, it’s easy for you to use a vendor that does more harm than good. The BACo Store partners with a few vendors to sell quality goods. I made sure these vendors have exemplary service. It’s easy for you to forget your mission. Most drop ship companies offer an array of products. That's alluring and all, but don't forget why you started selling your initial product. Stick to your brand and make sure the company you work with does the same. Be strategic about who you do business with and what you add to the site. Don't sell beach towels if your brand is known for selling tees. Be thorough in your background check. That will help you understand who you’re dealing with and what to do if a problem should occur.

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Be able to accept various payment methods.

A variety of payment options gives your customers alternatives. Customers love that. Having options enables them to have a smooth transaction. Don’t go crazy and start accepting payments through anybody. You’ll end up paying too many fees and unnecessary accounting. Accept three main payment options; Apple Pay, PayPal, and a merchant like Stripe.

Test your company’s buying experience as a customer.

Anytime you make a change to the functionality of your site test it out before releasing it to the public. I cannot stress this enough. I learned this the hard way. There was a time when I was so busy worrying about the aesthetic of the site I didn't bother with the functionality. That ended up being detrimental to my sales. We often forget what it's like to be the customer because we spend so much time being the manager. Put yourself in their shoes. It's the best way to see what they see.

Test your marketing strategy.

Create a small scale strategy that will give you an idea of how to market your product. After it's formed, test it on a small group of possible customers. After examining the results, create a larger plan.

Start marketing.

That’s it.

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