Pusha T and Drake Rap Beef Rolling Stone

When Keepin' It Beef Goes Wrong

Pusha T and Drake Rap Beef Rolling Stone

If you’re a hip-hop fan, you’ve heard Pusha T’s The Story of Adidon at least twice. The response to Drake’s diss track, Duppy, was intense enough to keep people talking. The song is a tier of insults that hit below the belt.  It also was accompanied with a picture of Drake in blackface. Damn. Many speculated if the photo is real or not. Recently it was confirmed by the photographer, David Leyes. Drake put out a press release clarifying the photo.

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Many are saying Pusha T went too far. He spoke about an array of things like Drake’s illegitimate son, Adonis, whom Drake had with French porn star Sophie Brussaux. In a recent interview at The Breakfast Club, Pusha T’s decision to air out Drake’s secret was because Drake mentioned his fiancee. However, people wondered why Drake would hide his son. In the song, Pusha T talks about Drake's idolization for his father. Drake's father left the family when he was five. It seems as if he’s implying Drake is following in his father’s steps.

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Pusha had a lyric stating Drake didn’t know his place taking a hit at his biracial ethnicity. The line could be a jab at Drake's history of avoiding the topic of him being African American and Jewish deeming it controversial. It's seemingly more than an accusation being that Drake has used fake west Indian accents in a majority of his songs. The title of Drake’s diss track, Duppy, is Jamaican patois for ghost- which doesn’t help his case. His avoidance and a constant continuance of cultural appropriation made it easy for a few people to question his actions and the photo Pusha T found.

All those things aside, Pusha T pulled out the big guns when he mentioned Noah “40” Shebib being sick with multiple sclerosis. Things escalated quickly it wasn’t about rap anymore. It was about filterless insults.  At that point, Pusha T aimed at anybody. All of this makes us wonder how far is too far in rap beef?

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There should be a limit to where you go in rap beef. A few rappers and personalities said they could have done without the lyric about 40. Agreed. The song would have stood on it’s on had it been about Drake and Drake alone but maybe Pusha T didn’t think the previous lines were as much of a kill factor than a line about someone who's dying. It’s safe to say sicknesses and children should be off limits but according to certain rappers - to each his own.


Let me know your thoughts. Did Push go to far?

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