Who Said This Was A Good Idea?

Who Said This Was A Good Idea?

Fashion has always had its moments trying to figure out what to do next to become a timeless trend but sometimes they go too far, and the art becomes too abstract to absorb. We all remember the directions but not for a good reason. We often commit it to memory because of its absurdities turned it into a meme. Case and point the food era when every star decided to wear their meat instead of eating it. Alternatively, the age before that when designers thought drug addicts were on to something donning heroine and cocaine chic.

Speeding forward and skipping some of the most outrageous styles lets talk about 2018. At the beginning of the year people traded $1,300 for a shirt that's literally on another shirt, and as the year comes close to an end, we're now looking at dramatically oversized coats. This new statement seems to be the most modern style of urban fashion encouraged by rapper Pusha T and one of the culturally inept Jenners.

Somebody come look at this...

Pusha T Oversized Coat

She looks like she lives in the coat.Kylie Jenner Oversized Coat

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