The New Years Cleanup

The New Years Cleanup

Christmas has passed! Let the New Year begin.

New Year’s Eve is the time to drip with style. The midnight hour is gonna come through and no one wants to look deadass on the first day of 2018. So I put together a quick but lit outfit. We all wanna look like money when the ball drops but let’s be honest, some of us are broke as fuck. Don’t trip though, I got you covered. This outfit is dope and affordable. I’m simple and if you’ve read my previous post you'd know that. I like jeans, tees, and a good sweatshirt but sometimes you gotta clean up nice. Gotta remind people that being simple doesn’t have to mean boring and stylish doesn’t have to mean Andre 3000 circa 1999. Scroll down and step into your closet.


As soon as I opened the door to the imaginary walk-in The BACo. Store’s Crackerjack sweatshirt was the first thing that called out to me. So let’s start with that. The sweatshirt is navy blue but the graphic on the pocket of the sweater is the key that leads to all the hints of color. Color hints are important. Add a good burgundy button up under your sweatshirt. This and a wool tie will upgrade your color scheme and put shit in perspective.


Your color scheme has to grab attention. Because you’re rockin’ out with a predominantly dark top your bottom has to yell. That’s why I chose burnt mustard chinos. The best thing to pair with a shade of blue and is a good shade of yellow and J. Crew provided me with just that. Add a dark brown belt and you’re good money But you can’t stop there. From head to toe, you gotta look fly so even your socks gotta be on point. I put the free socks I got from The BACo. Store to use and added that to the pile. Then I threw on my blue kicks with the greenish-brown shoe strings from H&M.

I'm attentive.


I like a good pair of studs, studs that I know people will notice. Classic diamonds are cool but that’s too common. You need something else. You need New Years Eve studs so add some studs with flare. Before moving on I want to confess something. I’m a drunk Amazon shopper. Most of my accessories are a result of just that but boy oh boy does it come in handy. Amazon has the perfect black marble earrings. The fiery pattern goes with the look you’re putting together.

I never leave the crib without some sort of bag. If you're like me you know that its more than a habit. So for this, level up and grab a tote. The BACo. Store has limited edition navy totes with black handles. You might want to get that while it's still in the store.

Last but not the least of your accessories, you have to add a hat. I’m old school so I like fedoras and porkpies. Add a mustard porkpie to your 'fit, fix the brim, and wink at that good lookin’ muhfuckah in the mirror.


When you’re ready to go out the door grab your last piece. The peacoat. If you don’t have a coat to add to this outfit here’s one to switch shit up, because you gotta switch shit up. A jungle green peacoat is a perfect edition.

Look at that. An entire ‘fit for $336.06 (or $324.06 if you purchase the Crackerjack Sweatshirt now (you might want to use the code for that at checkout. It’s ‘CRACKERJACK’). I told you I got you.

Now go order a Whiskey, Neat witcha sexy ass.



Navy Blue Crackerjack Sweatshirt $30

Multicolored Wool Tie $19

H&M Burgundy Cotton Button Up $29.00


Burnt Mustard Chinos on sale at J Crew Factory for $29.50

Navy Blue CrackerJack Socks $12.00 (or free when you buy the Crackerjack Sweatshirt)

H&M Navy Blue Sneakers on sale for $12.99


The BACo. Store Navy Tote $20

Brown belt, Amazon Accessories $12

Black Marble Earrings on Amazon $7.99

Mustard Porkpie Hat $18.99

Marble Blue and Yellow Watch $5.59


Forest Green Peacoat $139

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