Draw This in Your Style!

Draw This In Your Style 

It’s that time again! I’m hosting another Draw This In Your Style challenge for all you amazing artists out there. This month's piece is Baby BACo. One of my favorites. So show me what you got and You could win a spot on thebacostore.com! Draw Baby BACo in your style and the most liked will win! 


Prize for the most voted piece 

⁃ Their artwork featured on a tee shirt in our store. Artists get 50% of the proceeds. 

⁃ A Brooklyn Artistry Sketchbook

⁃ An interview with Brooklyn Artistry founder Prelo White to be featured on Brooklyn Artistry’s BACo TV

Rules & Guidelines:

⁃ No vulgar or insensitive content

⁃ Art must be posted on Instagram

⁃ @thebacostore and @bkartistry must be tagged on the Brooklyn Artistry Instagram

⁃ #babybacochallenge must be added

⁃ Artwork submitted after the deadline will be disqualified

⁃ Please use the colors or colors close to the original art.

⁃ Original reference artwork should be posted with your image for reference

⁃ Each artist must nominate another artist 

⁃ Artists must like both @thebacostore and @bkartistry


⁃ Challenge ends 11:59 PM [EST] April 9th, 2021.

⁃ Voting starts 11:59 PM [EST] April 10th, 2021 and ends 11:59 PM [EST] April 11th, 2021

⁃ Winner will be announced on The BACo Store at 8 AM [EST] April 12th, 2021

Copy and paste for artist:

🗣 I just joined the #babybacochallenge started by @bkartistry. If I win I’ll get my own featured tee shirt on the @thebacostore website, an original Brooklyn Artistry sketchbook, and one of their tees from their new collection so like my pic 🙏🏾 👌🏾💪🏾👉🏾 I nominate ——— to join.


➡️ Follow @thebacostore and @bkartistry

➡️ Draw Baby BACo in your style

➡️ Copy and paste this post

➡️ Nominate an 👩🏽‍🎨👨🏾‍🎨.

➡️ Post both your work and Bario and let the likes begin.


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