Join the TBS Market

The BĀCo Store is the official e-Commerce retail site for Brooklyn Artistry & Company. The brand’s designs are created by Brooklyn Artistry & Company Founder, Prelo White. The store was created in 2016 and has since given opportunities to other visual artists with The BĀCo Store Market.

The BĀCo Store Market isn’t your average e-Commerce platform for visual artists. We have exclusive partnerships with graphic designers, painters, and photographers who want to use apparel as their next canvas.

At TBSM artists work closely with The BĀCo Store’s founder and Head Designer, Prelo White, making sure that their work is well represented. The Market hosts an array of apparel that our artists can choose from. Each artist gets one on one consultations explaining the retail backend experience to ensure they have a hand in the growth of their business.

The BACo Store Market Ty White Art Sweatshirt Green

What Artists Get When They Sign Up

For the first three months of signing up to TBSM artists will receive 50% of the retail profits they earn from online and pop up sales. The BĀCo Store absorbs all other fees including shipping and handling, vendor fees, and any other miscellaneous adjustments. After the artists’ three-month sign on trial is up, TBS and the artist will absorb and split all fees and profits equally.

The participant’s collection will need to generate at least 5 sales to keep their spot on the site.


Referral Program

Designers get an extra $5 every time a designer they referred gets their first order over $25.

When uploading please follow the guidelines below:

  • Please use .png or .jpeg files only.
  • Illustrators: Please have clear and concise digital art.
  • Each image must be sized at least 12 x 16 in and have a resolution of 150 - 300.